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Food Services and Restaurants

Food Services and Restaurants

If you own a restaurant, you should know that your menu is key to gaining more customers. They make for effective direct mail pieces if you accept take-out and delivery orders. Getting your menu to customers is a great way to show them your range of offerings along with their costs.

Money Mailer can help you by printing and mailing menus for restaurants for less than 8¢ per home. We are the only direct shared mail advertising company who provides this service.

We will also send out coupons and special offers to give your customers the push they need to visit your restaurant. Apart from take-out menu printing, we also print menus for counters, take-out bags, pizza boxes, and so on.

Some of your most loyal customers are situated closest to your restaurant’s location. When they’re hungry, your menu tells them that you can cater to their needs. The majority of restaurants depend on the customers located nearest to them to keep their business afloat. Money Mailers print menu and direct mail service can help such businesses get more exposure and find new customers.

We do this by targeting the residents on a designated shipping route according to the ZIP code. We then send out your printed menu to them and other areas surrounding your business. Targeted mailing enables you to precisely identify the addresses you want to send your mails to so you can find a more demarcated audience.

Whether it is a small menu printing job or a large order, we can fulfil all types of orders with tremendous competence. We use high-quality skills and materials for printing menus that can showcase your dining offering successfully. Further, we’ll also craft coupons that will compel customers to come to you.

Money Mailer provides several menu options for print and direct mail. We can directly mail your menu to the majority of customers in the neighborhood around your business. We assure you of reasonable print pricing so that you can create the best delivery, in-house and/or catering menus for your restaurant business.

Targeted mailings for restaurants include B2B mailings to create awareness about your menu, sending mails your current customer list and loyalty program members, or sending notifications of special offers in your restaurant in their vicinity. We will print and mail your menus to customers surrounding your restaurant’s location.

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