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Solo Mail

Solo Mail Services

Would you like to send a promotion, invitation, or special announcement directly to your ideal customer? Would you like to increase brand awareness in the community and drive engaged customers to your store or restaurant? Would you like to increase the ROI of direct mail marketing campaigns? Now you can, with Solo Mail by Money Mailer San Diego! And thanks to our competitive printing prices (as much as 40% less expensive than other local print and mailing providers) you can send the right message to the right audience at the right time for the right price.

Call or message us for a custom quote for your next solo mailing.

What is Solo Mail Advertising?

Solo Mail is the latest (and possibly greatest) addition to our growing suite of direct mail marketing solutions. Our Money Mailer envelopes are a proven way to connect with your audience and grow brand awareness in the community, but Solo Mail provides a more direct way to reach your ideal customers. With Solo Mail, your message will be delivered directly and independently to consumers’ mailboxes, which means your offer (and your brand) will stand out from bundled direct mail envelopes.

Benefits of Door-Direct Solo Mail

Solo Mail marketing campaigns are used by businesses of all sizes. Local restaurants, small businesses, startups, and new franchise locations have had success with Solo Mail, and you can, too! Some of the benefits of door-direct Solo Mail marketing include:

  • Reach Your Ideal Customers

    – Money Mailer’s Solo direct mailing lists are customized to reach the audience that best fits your marketing needs and budget. Money Mailer’s audience is already among the highest income demographic in San Diego, but we can also help segment and deliver Solo Mail to your own database of customers. Need a comprehensive data list of ideal customers? We can help by targeting consumers by carrier routes, age, income, home ownership, and more!

  • Stand Out from Your Competitors

    – If you have a unique story to tell, a compelling offer to share, or an important announcement to make, Solo Mail is the best way to ensure your consumers see your message. With Solo Mail, your flyer, postcard, menu, or invitation is delivered directly to consumers most likely to engage with your business. And thanks to our custom printing services, we can help you design and deliver eye-catching print materials that get noticed and drive consumers to act! 

  • Grow Your Business

    – Imagine the impact on your business if you could hand-deliver a menu, coupon code, or special invitation directly to consumers most likely to be your ideal customers. With Solo Mail, you don’t have to imagine; you just have to contact Money Mailer San Diego and then see the impact for yourself. Our high-quality printing services combined with state-of-the-art segmentation and demographic targeting allows us to deliver eye-catching advertisements directly to consumers that are the most likely to act. As you can imagine, the return on investment is potentially higher than any other mail marketing campaign.

Free Quote on a Custom Solo Mail Campaign

Whether you want to target a new homeowner or business owner in your area, we can help deliver your message to the right audience at the right time, guaranteed! Money Mailer San Diego is your full-service marketing partner, and we can help drive real results for your business. No matter your message, your audience, or your budget, we can help you gain exclusive exposure with consumers who are looking for exactly what you are offering.

We take your marketing budget seriously and are extremely quality-conscious, so you can depend on us to deliver a finished product that is on-time, on-budget, and up to your standards. We know how stressful it is to find someone to trust with your marketing material, and we want you to know you have found ease in a team of professional designers that are with you every step of the way.

Advertise, announce, promote, and engage with Solo Mail by Money Mailer of San Diego! Call or message us for a free custom quote on a door-direct Solo Mail campaign



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